Friday, December 30, 2011

Hostess Gift Idea: Pink Champagne! YUM!

If you are ever going to a party and are thinking of bringing a Hostess Gift...bring pink champagne. It's the perfect Hostess Gift! 
I absolutely love champagne and pink champagne is my favorite! It is sweet and elegant just like me! On my top ten list of little things that put a smile on my face, I would say that pink champagne is in the top five. I've even heard you can bake it into a cake, which I will be doing very soon and posting pictures of! Baking and champagne, two of my most favorite things combined to make one super happy Arielle! Though I may need to buy two bottles so I can make sure I have enough champagne left for the cake. lol

(HK Pink Champagne!! How cool is that?!!)

I would drink it like water. Hell I would bathe in it! Wouldn't that be a lovely sight? Me in a tub with little tingly pink champagne bubbles popping delightfully around me? lol Oh well, I can dream. ^_~

(I would bathe in it...seriously.)

Pink champagne is so delicious and wonderfully girlie, it makes me feel every bit the Princess I am! Since this is such a girlie drink, the Hostess will know that you had her in mind when you bought it, which I think is more personal than bringing over a bottle of Captain Morgans or beer (unless it's her favorite). I also like having Pink Champagne in stock for when I have get togethers with my girlfriends. I'll serve it with a tiny pink edible hibiscus flower at the bottom of the glass, and let me say, it is just FABULOUS! 

(Pink Champagne in hand (with a hibiscus flower in the glass) at a VIF party.)

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