Saturday, July 14, 2012

Easy Gardening!

(My scallions after the first few weeks!)
"The next time you have green onions, don't throw away the white ends. Simply submerge them in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window. Your onions will begin to grow almost immediately and can be harvested almost indefinitely. We just use kitchen scissors to cut what we need for meals and periodically empty out the water, rinse the roots off and give them fresh water."

(Quote from Homesteading/Survivalism on FaceBook)

Let me tell you that this has worked like a charm! I'm not the best at gardening so being able to grow my own veggies without the hassle of pots and dirt has been wonderful. Plus it adds a nice decoration to my kitchen! 

(Here are my scallions still going strong after a couple months. Sorry instagram and the lighting made them look a little funky.)

After a few months the roots got too long for the little glass I had originally put them in so I moved them to this fun tiki cup I got this summer! Now it looks like I have some sort of tiki chia pet, which is totally fine with me! His hair is super adorable and tasty! ^_~

For more plant ideas that you can regrow from mature plants and stones check out the Empress Of Dirt!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Martha Monday!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reverend Arielle's Cleaning Playlist! :D

1 Europe- The Final Countdown (Vacuuming)

2 Benny Benassi- I Love My Sex

3 Italobrothers- Stamp On The Ground (Washing dishes)

4 Alestorm- Keelhauled (Swabbing the Poop Deck)

5 The Dresden Dolls- I Am A Girl Anachronism

6 Eliza Doolittle -Skinny Genes

7 Queen- Don't Stop Me Now

8 Flock of Seagulls- I Ran

9 The Features- From Now On

10 Beastie Boys- Make Some Noise

11 Bobby Darin- Splish Splash

12 Bob Crosy and the Bobcats- Way Back Home

13 Tex Beneke and Margaret Whiting- A Wonderful Guy

14 Billy Idol- Dancing With Myself

15 Bob Dylan- I Want You

16 David Hasselhof- Hooked on a Feeling

17 Rick Ashley- Never Gonna Give You Up (GOTCHA!)

18 Dean Martin- Memories Are Made of This

19 O-Zone- Dragostea Din Tei

20 Gipsy Kings- Hotel California

21 Moody Blues- The Story In Your Eyes

22 The Turtles- So Happy Together

23 The Proclaimers- 500 Miles

Monday, July 2, 2012

Martha Monday! (Send In Your Pix!)

(Tru dat, Martha!)

P.S.- If you have any funny Martha Stewart pictures send them to and I'll post it on the next Martha Monday!