Sunday, January 29, 2012

Am I Alone Here? (The Gamer Husband)

(This picture has nothing to do with this post)
I'm sure plenty of you readers out there have boyfriends, husbands, fianc├ęs , or partners that are gamers so you can empathize with me on this. Or maybe you enjoy the occasional video game yourself. Either way you know that you can't just play one little game. If you're going to play a video game you're usually in it for at least an hour. If it's a computer game you might as well take the day off (I am addicted to the Sims 3)!

So I ask you: Does it ever piss you off when your spouse is playing video games while you're doing housework?

It is a tricky situation for me because in truth, I like to be the one who cleans everything. I like being in control and knowing exactly where everything is and have no problem with him playing his games. He works hard and he deserves time to unwind. MY particular problem comes from him actually playing the game, and me getting bored so I start cleaning, then out of my boredom I become super productive and get a ton of stuff done! Then I look over at him and seeing that he's still playing video games and doing absolutely nothing! And for some reason it makes me mad...even though I TOLD him to play video games!

Am I alone here?

I'm not going to mention it to him, no use in making him feel bad for no reason. Plus I should really be thanking him! When he's playing and I'm bored and need to find something to do, I really do end up getting a lot of shit done and organized. ^_~


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hot Spiked Cider/Caramel Apples Drink Recipe

Today I have two recipes for you in one! A lot of you have been asking me for the recipe for my Warm Spiked Apple Cider that was featured in my Ugly Sweater Friendsmas Party blog so here it is! Plus (just because I love you ladies) I'm adding in my super easy recipe for Caramel Apple Shots! 

Warm (Spiked) Apple Cider

What You Need:
1 Four Quart Crockpot 
1/2 Gallon of Apple Cider (I bought a whole gallon and saved what wasn't used for the recipe for the non-drinkers at the party)
3 Cups Of Spiced Rum (I used Captain Morgan's Original Spiced)
1 Green Apple
1 Stick of Cinnamon (Optional)

How To Do It:
About an hour before your party starts: Pour half a gallon of apple cider into the crockpot. Add 3 cups of spiced rum (you can add more depending on taste but you shouldn't need more than 3). Stir. Add a stick of fresh cinnamon to the bottom (optional) and turn your crockpot onto high and cover. While your crockpot is heating up, it's time to prep your green apple. Cut off the top and the bottom to throw away then cut the rest into thin slices (about 3/8 of an inch thick). Core the apples OR if you'd like to make it fun like I did, cut out fun shapes in the center of the apples such as leafs, pumpkins, hearts, stars, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and letters! Use your awesome female imagination! Add the apples to the top of your cider and cover.
10-15 minutes before your guests arrive turn your crockpot to warm and cover again so the heat stays in but isn't too hot to drink. Once the guests arrive you can take of the lid if you'd like so the guests can see your fancy apples, and don't forget to provide a ladle for them to get the cider out! Drunk people dipping their glasses into the crockpot can get VERY messy. lol

Easiest Ever Caramel Apple Shots
(You can make this as a shot or a drink but it's very sweet so I think shots work best)

What You Need:
Spiked Apple Cider (See Above Recipie)
Butterscotch Schnapps (aka: Buttershots)

How To Do It:
1.) Fill up half a shot glass with spiked apple cider. 
2.) Fill up the rest of the shot glass with Butterscotch Schnapps. 
3.) Drink it and be amazed at how it really does taste just like a caramel apple.
Become totally smashed! :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

If my life had a soundtrack....

This is the song that would be playing. 

The creepy video aside, this is a really good mashup and a REALLY catchy song. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ugly Sweater Friendsmas Party!

Here are some of the pictures from my very first Christmas party! 

(My butler Ichabod was all dressed up and stood happily at the door waiting to give the guests their party favors)

(For inexpensive favors I got a variety of dollar bottles of liquor and put a tiny bow on each one. The guests loved it!)

(The day of the party I noticed that one of my walls looked at little bare so I got some foam snowflakes from the dollar store and spray painted them with the little cans of silver, blue, and purple spray paint I had left over from doing crafts for my wedding. When they dried I sprayed them with glitter and they turned out lovely!)
(I made warm spiked about cider, then topped it off with green apple slices with fun holiday shapes cut into them!)

(My best friend and my chihuahua Jose in the matching sweater she got him for Christmas!)
(My very first Christmas tree I got back in 2007. It's a pre-lit white tree with all blue and silver ornaments. I've wanted a tree like this since I was a kid.) 
(An overly enthusiastic group picture! Look at all those ugly Christmas sweaters!)