Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ugly Sweater Friendsmas Party!

Here are some of the pictures from my very first Christmas party! 

(My butler Ichabod was all dressed up and stood happily at the door waiting to give the guests their party favors)

(For inexpensive favors I got a variety of dollar bottles of liquor and put a tiny bow on each one. The guests loved it!)

(The day of the party I noticed that one of my walls looked at little bare so I got some foam snowflakes from the dollar store and spray painted them with the little cans of silver, blue, and purple spray paint I had left over from doing crafts for my wedding. When they dried I sprayed them with glitter and they turned out lovely!)
(I made warm spiked about cider, then topped it off with green apple slices with fun holiday shapes cut into them!)

(My best friend and my chihuahua Jose in the matching sweater she got him for Christmas!)
(My very first Christmas tree I got back in 2007. It's a pre-lit white tree with all blue and silver ornaments. I've wanted a tree like this since I was a kid.) 
(An overly enthusiastic group picture! Look at all those ugly Christmas sweaters!)

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