Friday, December 30, 2011

RECIPE: The Tom Arnold

Last summer at a Classy Cookout I had, I invented a new drink. See the problem was that we were trying to figure out a classy summer drink to serve at this Classy Cookout (basically a fancy BBQ). My friend suggested that we make "Arnold Palmer" cocktails and that she would bring over the Iced Tea Vodka and lemonade. I already had Arnold Palmer cocktail drink mix so I told her to just bring regular vodka. Since she was going to bring regular vodka I also decided to pick up some Tom Collins mix for my FiancĂ© (it's his favorite drink) and anyone there who might not like iced tea. It was classy and refreshing so I figured it would fit the theme as well. Unfortunately my friend had misread my text and still brought iced tea vodka. I figured that mixing Arnold Palmer mix and the iced tea vodka would be too strong and the only thing I had close to lemonade was the Tom Collins mix. So I had the bright idea to mix the two together...and so the "Tom Arnold" was born! :D

Mix 1-1/2oz Iced Tea Vodka. 
3oz Tom Collins cocktail mix. 
Add club soda. 
Garnish with a lemon slice! 

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