Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hostess (And The Importance Of Gifts)

(For me?)
The literal definition of "Hostess" is a female that provides hospitality, BUT as Domestic Goddesses we know that the real definition of Hostess is "Bitch that runs the show"!

Now lets talk about something that I am a HUGE advocate of: The Hostess Gift. This isn't just for rich people and Europeans, you can do it too! :D

It is polite to bring a hostess gift to a dinner, special occasion gathering (i.e.- Holiday party, etc.), if you are staying overnight at their house, or any event where the hostess has don't all the work to plan and arrange things. It shows your appreciation for the hard work that they've done and at the very least makes you look polite. :) One easy gift idea is of course flowers. If you've been to their house before, buy flowers that match the color scheme of their living room, dining room, or kitchen. This shows much more thoughtfulness and looks better when she displays them. If you've never seen their house, get a nice seasonal arrangement or roses. REMEMBER: Different rose colors have different meanings so make sure you pay attention! You don't want to send her or her spouse the wrong message. Also, if you'd like to be SUPER considerate, buy a vase or get flowers that are already in a container just in case she doesn't have one available.
(Look how happy these people are that they brought a hostess gift!)
Another great gift is of course BOOZE! Now I'm not saying bring over a case of beer (unless she really loves a certain type of beer). A nice wine or bottle of champagne will do. And of course I am always an advocate of Pink Champagne as a hostess gift. It's elegant, delicious, and girly enough so the hostess knows it's just for her. I know I shouldn't have to say this but it happens so I'm going to: If you bring over alcohol (or anything else) as a hostess gift and it doesn't get finished that night DO NOT TAKE IT HOME! It is no longer yours, you gave it as a gift to the hostess, it is extremely tacky to steal it back. Oh and you spending a lot of money on it is not justification. If you have that much of a problem with spending money, gift her a less expensive bottle. It's the thought that counts and stealing back your gift says that you only think about yourself. 
There is however no problem with buying hostess gifts in bulk! See a set of wine glasses on sale super cheap? Go ahead and get them! Maybe add a personal touch by painting them, that way you also have the option of splitting them up or giving them as a set. Caterer gave you a couple extra bottles of wine? Why not store them away to be used as a hostess gift later? 

If you're coming to My house for dinner. A puppy would be an appropriate hostess gift. Preferably something that is small, fluffy, and easy to train. ^_^ J/k

For more fantastical gift ideas, go to the Patron Saint of the Domestic Goddess...Martha Stewart! 

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