Sunday, February 5, 2012

We Love You Vodka! Oh Yes We Do!

Years ago I read about alternative uses for vodka and remembered that some of them were truly amazing. Unfortunately I lost the list I had and never ended up using any of them. SO I figured, why not post a new list so that we can try them together?! :D

I looked online and this is the most thorough list I could find. Now I know it may be difficult, but if you can spare some vodka, try them out and tell me how they worked! I'll make posts for the ones I try. 

Medical (Home remedies never tasted so good.)
Treat poison ivy: Coming in contact with poison ivy is a brutal reminder that sometimes life is better lived indoors. If you run afoul of the plant, though, you can kill the itch by dousing the infected area with vodka, which will wash away the oil that's causing the pain. Some people say that the vodka needs to be 100-proof (50% alcohol) to work, so be sure to stock up on the hard stuff before your next camping trip.
Clean your pores: Alcohol is the main ingredient in most pore cleansers you'd buy at the drugstore, which makes vodka an easy and effective substitution. Apply a little to your face before showering, let it sit for a minute, and then gently wipe it away.
Numb jellyfish stings: On one hand, it's probably not safe to pack a lot of vodka if you're going to be playing in the ocean. On the other, it could come in handy if you run afoul of a jellyfish. The smooth alcohol is a great way to dull the pain of being stung.
Pain relief pack: Mix half a cup of vodka and half a cup of water, pour it in a resealable plastic bag, and toss it in the freezer. Vodka's got a much lower freezing point than water, so you'll wind up with a slush-like ice pack you can use to relieve muscle and joint pain.
Cold sore relief: To dry out and attack a cold sore, dab it with a cotton ball that's been sprinkled with vodka.
Help a toothache: If you've got a toothache and can't get to the dentist right away, swirl some vodka in your mouth around the pained area. The booze should reduce the pain and keep the area disinfected. Repeat as necessary, or until you can't remember why you started.
Relieve an earache: By now, you're probably figuring out that vodka can just be swapped out for a lot of things you'd use alcohol to cure. Same goes for an earache. Put a few drops in the ear that's troubling you and let it sit for a few minutes before draining.
Salve for pain: This sounds legit — or at least more complicated than other tips — but it also requires significant lead time. Apparently, if you fill an empty (and cleaned) mayo jar with fresh lavender flowers, top it with vodka, and let it sit in the sun for three days, you wind up with a liquid that can be strained through a filter and used as a rub to heal your aches and pains. Worth a shot, but don't pass up aspirin.
Homemade mouthwash: Mix up nine tablespoons of powdered cinnamon with one cup of vodka and seal the result in an air-tight container for two weeks. Strain it through a coffee filter and then mix it with warm water: bam, instant mouthwash. Just don't swallow any of it.
Fever relief: Use a washcloth to rub vodka into your chest and back if you've got a fever.
Emergency disinfectant: Obviously, serious wounds need to be treated properly, but for minor cuts, feel free to douse the wound in vodka to kill potential infection.

Household Uses (For fixing up around the house, or for when you want to spend extra money on unusual cleaning products.)
Clean the shower: Vodka is a great way to kill mold and mildew. Spray some in your shower or tub and let it sit for a few minutes before jumping in with other cleaners. It'll cut the job in half.
Clean your eyeglasses: Rub a little vodka on the lenses of your eyeglasses, then rinse with water and let them air dry.
Paint remover: A little bit of vodka (undiluted) will help get paint out of your clothes.
Clean up cat urine: If you're having trouble training your cat to use the litter box — or if your cat's just a jerk — you're probably used to seeing little feline pee stains everywhere. Thankfully, a spray or two of vodka will help lift those up.
Freshen clothes: If a garment still has a lingering odor even after being cleaned, hang it on your door and give it a spray of vodka. The liquor will kill the smell and any remaining bacteria without leaving behind a smell of its own.
Clean jewelry: By letting jewelry soak for a few minutes in vodka, you can eliminate significant amounts of dirt and grease.
Weed killer: Vodka's alcohol content piggy-backs on the heat of the sun to work as a pretty solid weed killer. Mix some vodka with water and dish soap and give the weeds a healthy blast on a warm day.
Polish chrome: A rag doused with vodka is a great way to put a shine on chrome fixtures like bathroom faucets.
Loosen a screw: If you find yourself trying to work with a rusty screw, spray some vodka on it to dissolve some of the rust and grit.
Eliminate cigarette odor: To get rid of the noxious odor left behind by a cigarette, mix one part vodka to three parts water, pour into a spray bottle, and go to town on your clothes or home.

Odds and Ends (Weird but true uses for vodka. Go ahead, try 'em.)
Vomit cleanser: Let's be honest: if you're firing back the clear stuff with any regularity, you've probably gotten sick. Next time, keep some vodka in a spray bottle and give those vomit stains a couple hits before scrubbing off and blotting dry.
Razor disinfectant: After your shave, let your razor rest in cup of vodka for a while. The soak will clean the blade, prevent rusting, and prolong the razor's life.
Relieve dandruff: If regular dandruff shampoos aren't cutting it, give this remedy a shot. Mix one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of crushed rosemary, let the mix sit for two days, then strain it through a coffee filter and massage it into your scalp. Let it dry, wash it out, and you should be good to go.
Adhesive remover: Vodka works as a great solvent on sticky materials, so you can use it to loosen bandages (just don't get any in your wound) or to slide residue from bumper stickers right off your car.
Preserve flowers: Because apparently even flowers like a little booze, you can add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your vase to prolong the life of your flowers.
Eliminate foot odor: I guess it's possible to have chronic foot odor that can't be handled with regular soap and showering. If that's the case for you, give your feet a vodka bath to kill the smell.
Hair treatment: Mix in a small amount of vodka with your shampoo to get rid of toxins and oil. Don't use too much, though, or you'll smell like a lush.
Vanilla extract: For a homemade vanilla extract, all you need is some vodka and vanilla pods. Put four pods in a jar, add a cup of vodka, and seal it airtight. Leave it in a cool, dark spot for two months, shaking it occasionally, and you'll have the extract. As you use it, you can add vodka to replenish the mix, and more pods when the flavor starts to wane.
Insect repellent: If you're in the market for a natural bug spray that will do the job without coating you in questionable chemicals, consider vodka. A few light sprays on your body will act as a repellent, and you can also hit the bigs directly if you want to take them out.
If you'd like even MORE tips there's a whole website dedicated to it!:

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