Sunday, February 12, 2012

Romance Novels and the Power of Fantasy

In honor of Valentines Day coming up I decided to write about an important romantic figure in a housewife's life...The men from Romance Novels! That's right, on top of juggling laundry, dishes, dusting, making meals, driving the kids to soccer practice, bathing the dog, and volunteering at the local soup kitchen, the Domestic Goddess somehow finds the time to read books! One problem many women have with romance novels is that they almost exclusively star a dominant male character and a submissive female heroine (with "spunk" of course). I have also had this problem which is why I plan to write a Romance series of my own. BUT as a Dominatrix I know that every day there are successful business men who are dominant in their everyday life and careers that see someone like me so that they can let go and not be in charge for awhile. Likewise there's nothing wrong with us taking a break from our dominant lifestyles and being swept away by a sexy vampire or brawny highlander!

Running a household is very stressful and waiting for your partner to come home can leave you lonely. That is why I always make time to take a break from my work and read a chapter or two from one of my novels. If you're anything like me, you start working and then before you know it you get carried away and you're cleaning and organizing anything and everything! Then because I've spent hours (or sometimes days) working my ass off, I end up getting burnt out and don't want to do anything. Which is NOT good, because if I'm not doing it NOTHING is getting done. :P So if I notice that I've been working for three hours straight, I'll take a little break and go off on a fantasy adventure. Then I'm all ready to get going again! Plus you've got some nice images in your head for when your mind wanders while you're vacuuming or doing dishes. *Sigh* ^_~

If you're not too familiar with romance novels, here are some of my favorites:

The Captain of All Pleasures
Probably the only ship Captain I will ever love: Captain Derek Sutherland. I don't normally like Romance Novels that aren't in the "paranormal" genre but I LOVED this book and ended up reading it several times. Honestly it is probably because Kresley Cole is just a fantastic writer. I'm also currently reading her "Immortals After Dark" series, which I am very fond of. "The Captain of All Pleasures" (what a great title) was a great change of pace for me though. If you're looking for something other than the typical paranormal or highlander romance I highly suggest this book! Biceps Ahoy!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward
This isn't the real art for the series but I really love looking at the fan art people make for these books. It's interesting to see what people imagine the characters would like like. Some one them are dead on! This is a great series to get into because there are so many books already out it's going to be a long time before you have to actually WAIT for another book to come out (which is super super super annoying)! But when you're done with the books that are already out there are more to come! YAY! Each book is about a different person so with every new book you REALLY get to know the character (a different sexy fantasy each book!) but the storylines are still connected throughout the series. Oh and the sex scenes are really hot. :D

One Bite With A Stranger
 This was one of the first romance books I ever read and it's one that I always come back to. The fantasy is scenario that puts everything into play is also something that I would totally do in real life. lol Basically a group of friends get together every couple months or so for a "girls night". During these girls nights one of the women would write down a few of her fantasies, put them in a hat, draw one out, and her friends would give her a "fantasy fix". Basically meaning that they hook their friends up for a night of their deepest darkest fantasies! How fun! This of course is the story of how one of those Fantasy Fixes went wrong...and oh so right.

Larissa Ione's Demonica Series

This series is filled with SO MUCH AWESOME! Like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series mentioned above, each book is about a different brother. Each brother has a very distinct personality which allows for a whole new type of fantasy for each book! Then you add in that they work for a hospital (well...a Demon hospital) which means they're good at heart and whatnot. Oh and they all have above average penis size and special erotic demon powers since they just so happen to be Incubus Demons. You can't go wrong with that!

The Guardians of Eternity Series by Alexandra Ivy

 An extremely well written series with an engaging storyline and interesting characters. This is another series that I can't help but read over and over. As I'm sure you can tell, vampires are some of my favorite "fictional lovers" and the ones in these books are HOT! There are also other fantasy creatures as characters but they blend together well and don't just seem tossed in for effect like I've noticed in some paranormal fiction. Did I mention the characters are HOT? 


(Fabio wishes you a sexy Valentines Day!)

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