Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mall Fitness!

Working out at the mall is probably one of the greatest ideas of all time. I honestly don't know why only old people are doing this. EVERYONE should be doing this! Mall walking has been a favorite workout of the elderly for years. They get in early before the stores open up, and you always see them in their little matching sweat suits and ankle weights power walking the length of the mall...I obviously do things a little differently. 
When I was younger I used to be a mall rat and would walk around the mall with my friends pretty much everyday. At the time it didn't seem like much of a workout, but now that I'm out of high school and don't walk as much, walking around the mall for a couple hours really makes a difference!

Here are a few Pro-Tips: 
*Don't just walk the length of the mall, stop into the stores and walk around, it'll give you extra steps but you'll be so distracted you won't notice! (And you won't get bored, stores change their stock all the time, so you always have new things to look at!)
*If you're like me, you don't necessarily want everyone to know that you're at the mall to work out. The solution is simple: Don't wear workout gear, just wear regular clothes (something comfortable). That way you don't stand out.
*Bring a friend! Having a workout buddy is helpful no matter what exercise you choose, and having a friend to walk around with you will make the experience that much more enjoyable and the time will fly by! 
*Take the stairs and not the escalators or elevators. That one should be pretty obvious.
*Remember you're not there to shop! Looking in the stores is fine but taking time to pick things out, try them on, and waiting in line to buy it isn't good for your workout or your wallet!
*If you really want a work out...wear heels (comfy ones). Your calves will get rock solid!

***The opinions expressed in this blog are only that, my opinions, and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new workout regimen.***

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