Saturday, March 24, 2012

Introducing new Domestic Goddess blogger (and my dear friend): Katie!!!

Hey there everyone! My name is Katie. I am a traveler, adventurer, workaholic, dreamer. I am an style/craft entrepreneur and I dabble in many things such as a character alter ego (found at pop culture events around the USA): Hell Nurse Katie.

I'm an MC, comedian, convention entrepreneur, magical girl, cooking fiend, and professional time waster!

Pretty much starving to scour the corners of the entertainment industry both main steam and underground, the internet, and local book stores, I yearn to share the things about life I so often learn.

I am a long time friend of the Reverend Arielle! When I met her we were both wee little ladies and she was of course in this decked out fetish Nurse costume themed after a Junko Mizuno illustration. Our friend paired us up immediately knowing I had my own Nurse Motif.

We knew we were meant for each other and managed to keep a pretty strong communication line despite our locations, life styles and budgets. Rev has always been there for me with the most witty and empathetic/enthusiastic solutions for what ever crisis or shenanigan I would come at her with. I look up to Rev so much for advice and can't wait to share some cyber goodies on this fabulous blog.

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